How to Save 90-99% Cost on Critical High Precision Photo Communication

Consider the following scenario. You are in the field with a good DSLR camera. Or just a good smartphone. Your photos are large. Typically, between 5-20 Mbyte and you want that full resolution of the camera shared with someone else quickly. Maybe you are a journalist. Maybe you do intelligence gathering. Disaster assessment or security related work. You could be on land, in the air or on water. But you´ve got the limited transmit capacity and the possible cost of several dollars per Mbyte. You´re looking at 20-100 bucks per photo. Every time. Now, you´re not uploading art work. This is geo-spatial visual information. Visual situational awareness: What is happening, when it happens and where. At least some parts of the photo just need that full precision. There is a simple-to-use-option to manage this situation. Using an App called ASIGN Pro. Ask us how to get started.


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